A common need, a shared requirement that over time becomes the coworking space in which to develop new business models.

A place where the combination of design and innovation is transformed into interaction and collaboration between people.


Coworking BNBIZ is a multi-purpose space of 250 square meters located on the third floor of Corso Garibaldi 127 in Fiorenzuola d’Arda.

BNBIZ is not just a space but a place to meet people and sharework experiences… for this reason we have brought together a group of professionals from the area who will contribute to making the space alive and creative.

Come and meet them!!!

Coworking corporate


The Corporate workstation is dedicated to small businesses, start-ups or freelancers who want to have a customizable fixed location.

Coworking professional


The Professional workstation is dedicated to students, freelancers and commercial agents who wish to have a desk for occasional and non-continuous use.

All prices are VAT excluded.


Every BNBIZ coworker can take advantage of:

  • a locker for storing materials or personal effects
  • a multifunctional printer
  • a small equipped kitchen for quick lunches
  • cleaning service
  • insurance of personal effects

Being equipped with a large number of windows on 2 sides, the open space is illuminated by aa pleasant natural light during all hours of the day and thanks to the installation of the latest innovation of Flos in the field of office lights, it is possible to take advantage of its modularity and flexibility features to better illuminate the various workstations even in the evening hours.



The coworking space is completed with anequipped training area consisting of two separate meeting rooms with a capacity of 8 people each. The two meeting rooms can easily be transformed into a single meeting room or a training room through a retractable wall system.

The meeting rooms and the training room can be booked by companies or professionals to organize courses, workshops and corporate events. Our team of communication experts can help you organize and manage these activities.

On request it is also possible to use the adjacent terrace to organize outdoor events or small refreshments.


The business world travels at incredible speed and all this is possible thanks to a very high amount of data that is exchanged and processed every second.

For a hyper-connected generation it is impossible to do without Internet connection because the times when you had to connect to the PC from home or office to consult e-mails or browse are long gone. However, the mobile connection is not always reliable or fast enough.

This is why BNBIZ offers you 2 parallel lines in optical fiber for an optimal download and upload speed and to meet the demands of the new digital professions. Moreover, aware of the fact that everything breaks sooner or later, we decided to add a further line in radio bridge technology in order to avoid any kind of service interruption … we do not fear floods!!!


The ability to share a physical space where you can interact allows developing projects and innovative ideas by putting together the creativity of different individuals.

Coworking is therefore a collaborative way of conceiving the different 2.0 professionals, inside a shared space. The purpose of a coworking space is not to share the expenses of an office but to create an environment that promotes the exchange of ideas, experiences, skills and contacts and where all coworkers can maintain their job independence..

In a shared office context, it is not necessary to renounce work autonomy but it is possible to decide freely where, when and for how long to take advantage of the coworking spaces.



In the world of “sharing economy” or “smart working” coworking becomes the solution to the need for common spaces to realize a model of sharing knowledge and work efficiency. Space is the very source of cooperation and the incubator of new social relationships overcoming the individualistic model and generating new job opportunities. The promotion of the concept of sharing as a necessary tool to develop participatory practices has a positive impact on the economic, social and environmental aspects of our territory and increases the generation of ideas that are not affected by the physical constraint of distance but are implemented in a context of mutual sharing.


Coworker are freelancers, self-employed workers, smart workers, small business teams and start-ups that can be considered to all effects colleagues with different skills that collaborate to achieve individual or collective goals. They all need extreme flexibility sand are always looking for a solution that is able to respond to needs of the organization of time and work that are less and less static and rapidly changing.

Coworking is the right place for all travelling professions that occasionally need a desk, a workstation, a meeting room, without having to incur the expense of a rented office.



Large multinationals have recently introduced flexible working policies called “smart working”and allow their employees to work in spaces different from the office to increase the efficiency of their work. A coworking space in this context is the perfect intersection between the search for a human relationship with a desk neighbour and the possibility of collaborating on the net with professionals from all over the world.