HOTEL Fiorenzuola d’Arda

A design hotel that adapts perfectly to the lifestyle of the modern traveller, always evolving and increasingly in need of technology and sociability to fully realize.



During il deep rest our body has to reintegrate many vital functions for vitality: strengthening the cardiovascular system, reconstructing the tissues of the body, relaxing the muscles, relieving the tensions of the bone structure, especially the spine, regulating the metabolism, restoring the immune system. However, also also well-being and mental and spiritual balance reuire good sleep: dream activity (the so-called REM sleep phase) is the moment of sedimentation of the stress accumulated while awake, of attenuation of disturbing elements and reintegration of the psychological balance.


We chose mattresses that are able to adapt very well to the body, reaching very high levels of support and ergonomic comfort, topper of goose down for a wraparound effect like a soft embrace, linen sheets and cloud effect duvets.

Hotel Fiorenzuola d’Arda
Hotel Fiorenzuola d’Arda
Hotel Fiorenzuola d’Arda



Thanks to a double fiber optic connection and radio link to meet any eventuality, we guarantee aperforming Wi-Fi network in any area of our structure.


All rooms are equipped with a smart TV connected directly to the internet, so that every guest can surf even without a tablet or pc, stream the best TV series and play online.


BNBIZ offers you the opportunity to stay in a space full of distinctive design elements that will make your stay more enjoyable. In the various areas of the structure, you can contemplate a series of works of art by young contemporary artists.


Staying with us does not only mean sleeping in a comfortable room but also having a series of spaces that make the BNBIZ offer incredibly convenient. We know how hard it is for all business people to come back from a day’s work and have to complete the project activities lying on the bed of the hotel room … this is why we thought to offer our guests the opportunity to use, for the period of stay, a convenient coworking station shared with local professionals and the possibility to book one of the meeting rooms for the organization of meetings or conferences.

Finally, BNBIZ offers its guests a lounge area with equipped kitchen to prepare and enjoy a quick meal and a beautiful large terrace that offers guests a space for moments of relaxation on sunny days.


BNBIZ has an automated check-in system that allows the host to independently organize the time of arrival at the structure without being subject to lschedules or to exhilarated late check out policies. Thanks to the booking system of BNBIZ our guests will receive a code via email with which it will be possible to access the structure and find the magnetic card for the management of their room.

Our staff will be available for any need but we want to give our guests total flexibility of schedules during their stay.

In the booking confirmation email, guests of BNBIZ will also receive an account to access a reserved area of ​​our web portal, where a list will be available of offers specifically selected to allow guests to enrich their trip with experiences related to the territory.


“Lightness, light and comfort are the keys to the “BNBIZ room”, a space designed to satisfy the guest’s need for rest and work. The décor of the room is sewn through furniture designed ad hoc and mood lights that create a varied visual path, capable of creating different moments of use without real divisions. The relationship between color tones and light, which are not of obvious contrast, but suffused overlap, is essential to make room for both physical and mental relaxation. The “BNBIZ room” is technological, but it is not possible to see, such as for example the desk lamp that, in addition to illuminating the area, recharges our peripherals devices, making them pleasantly part of the furniture.”

Gio Tirotto
Interior Design Director


“The new concept of space proposed by BNBIZ translates into the desire to be a venue for works of art by young artists of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.

The dynamism of BNBIZ in meeting the needs of each person translates, in aesthetic terms, into the desire to impressguests with ever-changing works of art.

Guests can fall in love with works designed by fresh spirits who, without feartranslate our present“.

Art Curator

Sofia Baldi

Tel: +39 3396123041


  • Painting – Edrev
  • Painting – Davide K. Allodi
  • Painting – Luca Venturelli
  • Photography – Francesca Rossi